Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Is Inside A Name

The best band name ever is Sonic Youth.*

Here are my favorite band names of my own invention.

Pool Honeys
The Economy
Youth Novels
The Shire
Future Hymns
The After Party
Our Young Love *
I Like Lightning
The Love Gurus
Transcendental Businessmen
The Constant
Our Moms And Teachers
The Lovely Vagrants
Venture Communists
Department Of Aging
Hot Conference
Think Tank

* Irregardless of the music.
* Shout out to Beka Lowe for this one.


Stephdeezy said...

I really like Transcendental Businessmen; unfortunately I can't say it very well so it lost some points in the coolness factor. But hey don't blame yourself for my inability to have retained what I learned in my speech therapy classes. Ha ha

Now perhaps you can understand why I love the best name ever to recently surface- THINK TANK! I think I should get points for that or rather I'll just allow the forementioned name to get their lost points back.


Beka said...

You are officially the best name giver ever! Besides my shout out, which is perfect by the way, I love "The Lovely Vagrants". Also can I be in a Wes Anderson movie with you? I want to meet Jason Schwartzman and it is a lock that he will be in his next film! :)