Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was asleep and you woke me. I was a a stranger and you fed me. I was a boy and you called me beautiful. I was a child and you loved me. I was corn and you shucked me. Now I know what life is.
But that was just practice.
You were hiding in plain sight. Now I see you truly. Now I remember what life is. On and on and on what a song! Let it be in your head! Let it be in your heart!
This isn't just practice
Give me time to catch my breath. I want to mean something. Will you mean something with me? I only want to do what matters. Matter with me! Would you take my hand, and hold on to me, through everything?
Practice makes perfect
Hearts brake and bend, necks and wills bow to Him. Lives and souls sealed to Him. Enduring and Progressing.
We go on.

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Danielle said...

Wesley, that was beautiful! I was thinking of you the other day-Saturday that is-and I realized that I really needed to catch up with you!?! I want to hear about your life...
Maybe you'll have to come out to Utah for a bit this summer.
Talk to you soon!