Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To Have and to Eat Cake

A sister in one of the wards I served in on my mission told my companion, Elder Steven K. Larson and myself over dinner how she had a list of 50 things she wanted to do before she died. As she would do something from her list, she would add another item to accomplish, so that the number never changed. Hearing this, being inspired (enamoured) by it, I started my own list. It took me quite a while to finish it (more than a year). I started telling my companions and other missionaries about the idea, trying to convince them to join in the fun. And it was a lot of fun. Especially sharing the lists with others, because 1.) you'd get good ideas to add to your own list. 2.) you got a better/broader sense of the person. 3.) people would personalize the title. Elder Geoff Belliston entitled his something like, "50 Things I Want to do Before They Put Me in the Ground" And, 4.) they were always joyfully hilarious.

I went out to eat with my buddy, Darren Bateman, last night. He is not a member of my faith, but something he mentioned he admired about Mormons is that they know what to do in and with their lives, because of their religion. Thinking about that, I remembered how important the Restoration really is, to everyone! This post is the first in a series, about things I want to do before I die. But as much fun as doing a lot of these things will be, I know that to do them will not constitute a successful life. My life will be a success based on the contribution I make to my family, which includes my Heavenly Family (my God, and His sons and daughters), the family of my parents, and the family of my own I will Someday have. I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father that He has sent prophets in the land again, to show us how to find Him, to teach us the purpose of life, and what we are to do. I'm grateful to Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ, for making the only way back Home, for you and for me.

(Darren, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!)

Here goes, in no particular order.


1.) Get Sealed in the Temple
2.) Start an all Beatles radio station
3.) Go fishing
4.) Read Moby Dick
5.) Make out in the rain
6.) Drive around Rome on a Vespa with my wife
7.) Publish a novel
8.) Mow a yard on a riding lawn mower
9.) Have children
10.) Be in a band


liz said...

that a nice list. i like the riding a lawnmower part, Zane and I enjoy watching those dude ride around when we hang out at the park.

Marilyn said...

an all Beatles radio station?!?!? how did i miss this one the first time around...Wes, the Beatles are good...but a whole radio station?!?! there is so much good music out there that needs to be played. I don't think the Beatles need any extra help these days...something tells me their legacy is going to live on just fine in the history of music. How about an all EELS radio station? ;) Or just a radio station/internet podcast of a good variety of music? I think that would suffice. :)


Jennifer said...

I'm just a nomad blog-reader...on my way through and you 50 Things List caught my attention. A little info to help you out with your #2. Pandora Radio. You can create, online, your own music stations with the music of your choosing and allow all others to listen in any time. Hoping this helps you along with your list...Jennifer