Friday, September 12, 2008

All Apologies

Um, so I appreciate every one's positive response to what is, at least for me, an unusual post. But, the thing is, I'm kinda embarrassed. I feel like I just GUSHED all over this thing. I did some pretty intense self editing while I was writing, but not quite enough. I meant to write about two paragraphs to cover the time frame indicated, instead I wrote about a million. My bad. It was good for me to cast my mind back and reflect on this time period, so maybe I take my "My Bad" back? Thinking about stuff that is long past can sometimes impress upon us lessons we didn't learn the first time, when we actually experienced the events themselves. I'm still going to finish my chronicle of the past few years, just a little slower, in order to make sure I can actually draw out the correct lessons from my experiences.

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